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"My practice hinges on ideas of value and quality as they relate to modes of thinking, materials, time, and choice. When it's at its best, my work begins to unravel the concept of intrinsic worth as it applies to otherwise unaudited norms such as linear thought, free will, the limits between the self and one's environment, and the human inclination toward narrative sense."

-Seth Orion Schwaiger

Reflection, pictured here in The Glue Factory in Glasgow, is an installation work in two parts: the first, a large wooden radial circle mounted on the wall with a small circular mirror at it's center, about ten feet off the floor; the second, a video projection in a separate room displaying a live feed of the unseen camera behind the mirror in part one.

Light, Sweet, Crude, was displayed in an industrial space on the periphery of a large group exhibition. The room occupied by the installation was dark save a very dim spotlight aimed at the chalice. The work was indiscernible from outside the room, but as the curious viewer would enter the motion attenuated spotlight would slowly brighten, and inevitably bring in others. As these viewers left, the light dimmed. In this way, the work was consistently viewed in waves — the curious often unknowingly leading a group by example, and others missing the work all together.