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At the crux of Seth Orion Schwaiger and Elizabeth McDonald Schwaiger's practices are dynamics of power, both subtle and overt. Working collaboratively, the subject becomes much more specific — the dynamics of power as they play out in the home, or rather, the home's role in building personal power, and deflecting external pressures. Unheimlich is a distortion and reimagining of you i i i everything else, the couple's first entirely collaborative exhibition. Here the Austin bungalow-based De Stijl Gallery was transformed back into a residence-like space complete with sculpture/dining table installation/bedroom, painted digital fireplace, and artist chandelier. In Unheimlich, the stricture of the theme is loosened, and the more uneasy qualities native to the artists' individual practices seep in. Unheimlich, the German word for uncanny, is literally translated as un-home-like. This relation between the home and the taboo, the normal and the unspeakable, infuses the works within the exhibition — a fever dream domicile where symbolism is made flesh and invisible dynamics of power take palpable shape.

-Anthem Gallery