Seth Orion Schwaiger curates one-off exhibitions in the UK and the USA. He founded the curatorial program at The Chalet in Glasgow, Scotland and directed the gallery there from 2010 to 2014. Since that time his freelance curatorial endeavors always lean towards the non-traditional, championing underrepresented artists as well as celebrated professionals in unusual venues. Previous exhibitions have taken place in parking garages, abandoned bathhouses, hotel rooms, and dilapidated industrial space.

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Curated Exhibitions

Patricide    Wild Project Gallery, New York City / September 2019
In conjunction with the the East Village Queer Film Festival, Patricide exhibited selections from Meg Turner and Courtney Webster's collaborative photo project that casts a queer person of color (Webster) as heroic or swoonworthy protagonist replacing the tropes of white, straight, cis-gendered male heros that dominate cinema nostalgia.

Darkening Ground    Canopy, Austin / December 2018
Made possible with the generous support of Big Medium, this solo exhibition by Elizabeth Schwaiger relates the poignant pleading in Rilke's Darkening Ground with the current state of anxiety sweeping learned circles in our present times.

Room 139    Satelite, Miami / December 2015
Part of Tiger Strikes Asteroid's Artist-Run during Art Basel, Miami and co-curated with Rebecca Marino, Room 139 converted a room in an abandoned hotel for use in a two person exhibition by Frank Wick and Elizabeth McDonald focused on the joy and sadness of art collecting.

Artbash    The Belmount, Austin / November 2015
Commissioned by Austin Art Alliance and co-curated with Andrea Hyland, this inaugural exhibition set the tone for the now annual performance- and installation-forward event and fund raiser.

Sehnsucht    The Chalet, Glasgow / April 2014
Commissioned by Glasgow International 2014 and Outset Scotland, this exhibition gathered globally scattered Chalet artists to create work based on the German emotion of homesickness and yearning for that which cannot be.

Vacancy Chain    Fleming House, Glasgow / September 2013
Part of The Glasgow Masters Series, Vacancy Chain converted a grungy underground car park for use as an exhibition venue for the remainder of the exhibition series. Here, recent graduates of the Glasgow School of Arts Master's program showcased experimental video, sound, and installation works, loosely related to the post-recession paradigm.

The Chalet Prize 2012    The Chalet, Glasgow / May 2012
Commissioned by Streetland and Glasgow City Council, and judged by Erica Eyers and Jason Mathis, the Chalet Prize 2012 was the second iteration of an open call competition and exhibition awarding cash to deserving contemporary artists. The Chalet Prize 2012 was awarded to Hyojun Hyun of Seoul.

Drip/Dry    SoMuCo, San Antonio / March 2012
In partnership with Lullwood Group and CAM 2012, this sprawling exhibition spread over three floors of the historic Southern Music Company building, combining work from resident artists and members of the Lullwood collective in effort to highlight aesthetics and concepts relevant to the scene.

Coax Me    The Chalet, Glasgow / November 2011
Co-curated with Jason Mathis, Coax Me was a curatorial rebuttal against the pitfalls of obfuscation, coded language, and empty symbolism.

The Chalet Prize 2011    The Chalet, Glasgow / April 2011
Commissioned by Streetland and Glasgow City Council, and judged by Marion Ferguson, Neil Clements, and James Hutchinson, the Chalet Prize 2011 was a competition and exhibition awarding cash to deserving contemporary artists. The Chalet Prize 2011 was awarded to Suzie Smith of Winnipeg.

The Baths Auction    The Govanhill Baths, Glasgow / March 2011
The Bath's Auction used a massive dilapidated Edwardian Bath House as an exhibition space and auction venue to raise money to renovate and reopen this former symbol of ethnic, racial, and political harmony in an area currently known for violent division. The empty olympic pool was retrofit to exhibit works by Lucy Skaer, Toby Paterson, Jonathon Monk and Douglas Gordon among others.

Draft    The Chalet, Glasgow / December 2010
This exhibition served as a tongue-in-cheek expose and celebration of the abymsmal working conditions of artist in Glasgow, and the profound production possible under such circumstances. Shown in December in an unheated, leaky studio complex, viewers engaged with the artwork in a similar environment in which it was produced, with small clusters of intellectuals reduced to their base needs, huddled around a dreadfully inefficient stove for comfort and company.

The Chalet Invitational    The Chalet, Glasgow / April 2010
The inaugural exhibition and official branding of The Chalet gave voice and definition to a loose international network of artists, designers, and musicians previously operating in random collaboration under the radar and without home.