Seth Orion Schwaiger is a freelance arts writer whose research interests focus on the growth, direction, and development of urban and regional art systems or scenes in relation to larger national and international trends. His writings can be found in Artcritical, art ltd., The Austin Chronicle, Arts+Culture, Conflict of Interest, Glasstire, New American Painting, Sightlines, and Sculpture Magazine.

Additionally, Schwaiger works with several institutions, galleries, and individual artists to produce exhibition texts, catalogs, press releases, and artist statements. Clients include The Contemporary Austin, Fusebox, Hamilton-Selway Gallery, Austin Art Alliance, Pump Project Art Complex, Museum of Pocket Art, grayDuck Gallery, Artist of the Day, POP Austin, Women and Their Work, and the Glasgow Masters Series.

Current rates begin at $0.33 a word for underrepresented artists and artist-run spaces. For writing / editing requests please email

Selected Writings

Dispatch From a Pandemic          Another Chicago Magazine
Making It in America: Karl Haendel          Artcritical
If These Walls Could Talk: Ryan Oskin & Kate Stone at Transmitter          Artcritical
The Meaning of an Animal in the World: Interview with Kiki Smith          Sightlines
Q+A with Alex Diamond          Conflict of Interest
Museum of Pocket Art: Future P0et Hamm0ck Set          Fusebox Catalogue
Eva Claycomb: Last Time at Recspec Gallery          Sightlines
Art is Mortal          Sightlines
Wangechi Mutu at The Contemporary Austin          Sightlines
Not Very Statesman-like: Jeanne Claire van Ryzin leaves ...          The Austin Chronicle
Melissa Brown: Future Past          The Austin Chronicle
Cali Thornhill DeWitt: This Magic Moment          The Austin Chronicle
Alyssa Taylor Wendt: Departments of Desire          The Austin Chronicle
Top 10 Contemporary Galleries in Austin          The Austin Chronicle
Robert Jackson Harrington and Hector Hernandez          The Austin Chronicle
Alex Diamond: Wette          The Austin Chronicle
Making the Most of EAST          The Austin Chronicle
Appreciation of Donald Moffett          art ltd.
An EAST Buyer's Guide          The Austin Chronicle
Luz y Movimiento: Ender Martos          The Austin Chronicle
Shawn Smith: Predators, Prey, and Pixels          The Austin Chronicle
Pop Austin: Illumination          Catalogue Text for Pop Austin 2015
Erin Curtis: Narrow Escape From History          The Austin Chronicle
Alice Leora Briggs: The Room          The Austin Chronicle
Talking Curation With Art Alliance Austin's Asa Hursh          The Austin Chronicle
BOOKS by Kevin McNamee-Tweed          The Austin Chronicle
Sound and Silence          Arts+Culture
Young Latino Artists 20: Within Reach          The Austin Chronicle
Conner O'Leary: Requesting Entrance          The Austin Chronicle
Katie Rose Pipkin: picking figs in the garden ...          The Austin Chronicle
Hollis Hammonds: Blanket of Fog          Catalogue Text for Women and Their Work
Colby Bird: Hope Goes With Man ...          The Austin Chronicle
Gently Fried          The Austin Chronicle
William Gaynor: Walking Down the Road ...          The Austin Chronicle
It Takes a Village          Arts+Culture
Bobby Scheidemann: Together at Sunset          The Austin Chronicle
Art and Motherhood on the West Austin Studio Tour          The Austin Chronicle
Flat Earth Folded          Arts+Culture
Ian Shults: Sex, Drugs, and Leave Me Alone          The Austin Chronicle
Amy Yoes, Ezra Masch, Tim Schmidt: Ultraviolet          The Austin Chronicle
Street Credibility          Arts+Culture
Up + Up: 2015 Senior Art Exhibition          The Austin Chronicle
Neil O'Brien: (I saw You) Chugging from a 2 liter"          The Austin Chronicle
Working in Stereo          The Austin Chronicle
Cartographer's Dilemma          Arts+Culture
Tony de los Reyes: Border Theory          The Austin Chronicle
Open Edition          The Austin Chronicle
Cautious Optimism in Austin          Arts+Culture
The Determined Growth of Austin's Co-Lab          Glasstire
Excitingly Unpredictable          The Austin Chronicle
Jackie Lee Young curated by Sandy Carson          The Austin Chronicle
Top 10 (+1) Major Shifts in Austin Visual Arts in 2014          The Austin Chronicle
Susi Brister: Fables          Catalogue Text for Women & Their Work
Donald Moffett: head. at Lora Reynolds          Arts+Culture
Alex.Chitty / Aaron.Meyers          The Austin Chronicle
Elizabeth McDonald: Contamination | Pollination          Exhibition Text for Pump Project
Touring the Tour          The Austin Chronicle
The Nature of the [b]EAST          Arts+Culture
EAST Toast          The Austin Chronicle
Cydonia: Ex-Y. New Gallery enters the Fray with a Group ...          Glasstire
Texas Oil: Painting and Money          New American Painting
About Thirteen Hundred People and About One Hundred Rocks ...          The Austin Chronicle
Daily Drawing          Arts+Culture
George Herms and Sarah Bancroft: Love George Herms          The Austin Chronicle
Barna Kantor's 40Hz at Big Medium          Glasstire
Ryan Cronk: Migration, Wisdom, Chalk lines, ...          The Austin Chronicle
100 Years of Making Music          Arts+Culture
Michael Anthony Garcia: Chimaera          The Austin Chronicle
Lofi, Nofi, or Uberposh: Three Austin Exhibitions          Glasstire
Akiko Kotani: Soft Walls          The Austin Chronicle
Buy What You Love: Glenn Fuhrman Interview          The Austin Chronicle
Invasive Species          Arts+Culture
Drawnonward: Jonathan Gruchawka and Mark Leavens          The Austin Chronicle
Kasey Short: 5 Plus Hearts          The Austin Chronicle
Mariah Dekkenga and Josef Bull: We Have Never Been Modern          The Austin Chronicle
Reevaluating Modernism's Reevaluation          Arts+Culture
Alternate Awards from the Austin Critics Table          Glasstire
Fort Worth Modern: Mexico Inside Out          Sculpture Magazine
Raul Gonzalez and Julon Pinkston: Undetermined Matter          The Austin Chronicle
A Secret Affair: Selections from the Fuhrman Family Collection          Arts+Culture
#WorldWideTrendingTopic          The Austin Chronicle
Susan Collis: I would like to invite the viewer          The Austin Chronicle
Venomous Cabbage and other Demands satisfied          Glasstire
'Pillow' Talk: Terri Thomas Interview          The Austin Chronicle
To Glasgow from Austin with love: Michael Smith at Tramway          Glasstire
Sehnsucht          Exhibition Text: Sehnsucht - Glasgow International 2014
WEST 2014: Ink Tank          The Austin Chronicle
The Other Side of Sincerity, Laura Reynolds Gallery
Park Benched          The Austin Chronicle
Common Purpose          The Austin Chronicle
Confessions of a Wayward Artist          Glasstire
Tiny Park: A Catalogue          Glasstire
Saying Goodbye to Red Space          Glasstire
Send off at GRAY Duck          Glasstire
Vacancy Chain          Exhibition Text: Glasgow Masters Series
The Nearest Air: Waltercio Caldas at The Blanton Museum          Glasstire
Texas Tough - Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center